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Kurzeme is the southern part of Latvia, which is known for its forests and the sea. The sea coast is really different from one area to another — there are deserted beaches, where you hardly see a person.

Kurzeme is the southern region of Latvia. The wealth of Kurzeme lies in its forests and the sea. The coast landscape is different: there are either empty and wild beaches or comfortable and equipped rest territories.

The northeast point of Kurzeme – cape Kolka. It is the pace where waters of open sea and the bay meet, where come together the sunrise and the sunset and all four winds. The pearl of Kurzeme is Kuldiga, which is claimed to be one of the most enchant touristic place in Europe with its its romantic streets and backyards.

Ventspils is called the western gates of Latvia. It is the biggest non-freezing port in the Baltics. It also is considered to be Latvian capital of Flowers and fountains. You can sea medieval Livonian Order castle in Old town, or walk along the Path of Anchors and see the anchor 6 meters high and 23 tones weight. Get special feeling while riding a small train "Mazbanitis" on the narrow-gauge railway. Liepaja is also worth visiting. One –third of the city territory takes the war port Karaosta. In Soviet times there was the secret naval base, but now its bunkers and ancient walls are opened for tourists.

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