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Historical region of Latgale is Latvian territory in the eastern part of the river Daugava. The area is covered with more than 2000 lakes. Latgale is attractive for tourists by its scenery and landscapes.

Latgale is located to the East of Daugava. This is „the land of blue lakes” – there are more than 2000 lakes in latgale. It also impresses visitors with it’s picturesque nature.

Latgale is also known for its rolling landscape, forests, hills, big stones, ravines, clippings. The cultural signs of Latgale age the crosses set along the road, white towers of churches, castles, manors and medieval towns’ settlements. The sacred place of of Cathlisim Aglona Basilica gathers thousands of pilgrims every year.

Latgale is a region with its own strong traditions, and a unique history which has been influenced by neighbouring countries. Latgale is so different from the rest of Latvia that coming there you feel like in another country with different culture and lifestyle. One of the biggest pride of Latgalians are the craftsmen, especially potters. They produce clay pots, vases, cups, plates, candle holders and whistles. If you are in Preili visit The Doll museum. It is a very nice and exciting place, strongly recommended for families with children. Each doll has its own history and “prefers” different interior and room design.

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