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Dana Maksimova

Head of department of working with clients from Russia and CIS


Learning is the treasure that will follow its owner everywhere! For those, who want to study, improve their skills or to be trained for a new specialization, we offer to do it in Riga choosing courses, seminars or trainings. Different levels student groups are gathered at any time of the year. Individual education is also available. Accommodation, food and transportation are also included.



Visage school Poetica offers  2-leveled education.

  • level 1: the course will provide with requisite knowledge and skills those who want to develop their effectiveness in professional classic daily make-up. The course is suited either for learners who wish to embark on a career of visage specialist, or for the interested who wants to use these skills for themselves. Upon successful completion of the 1st Level candidates will have got MAKE UP FOR EVER ACADEMY certificate
  • level 2: the professional make-up course which will complement the gained before knowledge and skills. The course provides you with deeper knowledge and skills of more intensive and more complicated make-ups. This qualification will provide you with the knowledge, understanding and skills to work competently as an advanced visage specialist or as a freelancer. Upon successful completion the MAKE UP FOR EVER ACADEMY certificate is issued


Cosmetology and massage school MasterClass offers elite educations of the beauty therapists. We are focused on producing highly proficient, occupationally competent cosmetology, massage and SPA specialists. No formal qualification or previous experienced is necessary to start learning. The students can choose such programs as the masseur, SPA-specialist, cosmetologist, visage specialist, aromatherapies, ayurveda and SPA administration. Skill improving seminars for the professionals are also arranged. The graduators get the certificate verified in all EU countries.


Pedicure school Passo offers you to learn art of pedicure, using professional pedicure foot care equipment Benton, produced by Holland Corporation Dancohr. The learners can either complete their knowledge and skills or make their first steps in foot beauty industry. At the beginning students get the basic points of theory and then fully concentrate on practice. A lot of attention is paid to the practice of working with so called “difficult” clients.  The basic theoretic course consists of such topics as disinfection, anatomy and muscles of the feet, orthopedics, fungal deceases. During practical block students are working intensively on hyperkeratosis, callus, cracks, ingrown toes treatment. At the end of the course the students pass the exam and get certificate.  Advanced level courses are suited for the experienced specialists who want to deepen their skills and knowledge in classic or apparatus pedicure.


Skiing and snowboarding lessons on the ski trail in Zhagarkalns. Before start learning, you have to choose the difficulty level: you are the beginner and just want to feel stable on the skies or you’re a good skier and want to learn over how to carve. Professional coaches will teach you EVERYTHING! Zhagarkalns is one of the largest snowboarding parks in Latvia, that’s why learning how to snowboard is claimed to be the most important services in Zhagarkalns. There are individual and group training. There is a possibility to arrange trainings outside Latvia, where you go together with a coach.

Atelier & Bogomolov’ Image School

Atelier & Bogomolov’ Image School is the official representative of International Professional Make-up Academy MAKE–UP ATELIER Paris in the Baltics, as well as official representative of the Bogomolov’ Image, Style and Design School, which produces professional stylists and image-designers.

After completing the graduates work as visagists, stylist and image-makers in beauty-salons, fashion magazines, take part in fashion shows and other big events, connected with the beauty and fashion industry.

Graduates get two educational documents: Latvian certificate and international diploma of French Academy MAKE-UP ATELIER (Paris).

ATELIER & Bogomolov’ Image School offers advanced courses for experienced visage specialists, which already have basic education in beauty sphere. 


Foreign languages school Berlitz. The students are offered modern programs, developed basing on the long year teaching, original lessons, tutors-native speakers and multimedia tutorials. All the learning programs are developed basing on the certificated foreign language learning method of Berlitz company (Berlitz Method).

Popular languages can be learnt in the groups, individually of using online programs.    For less spread languages there are individual programs or “Virtual Class Room”.

Berlitz offers English learning programs for children from 4 years old. Interesting and bright tutorials keep children’s attention and make them be interested in learning process.

English language seminars, organized by Berlitz, are useful and effective lessons, aimed to help participants to overcame specific difficulties in daily communication in foreign language.  

Dekors studio

Studio invites adults and children to different type design courses:

  • interior design and decoration
  • making dolls
  • walls painting
  • showcase design
  • decorativeartstechniques
  • landschaft design
  • floristic
  • felting
  • candy bouquets
  • classic drawing
  • fur weaving

Graduates get diploma. Children from orphanage study for free.

Cooking courses

You will learn how to cook under the guidance of eminent chefs. Choose the program and subject you’re interested in, choose the time (during all the year) and term (from 1 to 7 days). You also ask for the special individual program. There are individual and group (till 10 persons) sessions. The languages of the courses are Russian and English.

Dog grooming courses

The graduates get licensed professional educational document and international certificate. You will learn directly from an expert who will pass on their knowledge and skills to beginners and professionals alike. As a result you will get the best experience of dog welfare: washing, drying, cutting, trimming and grooming. Groups are very small – not more than 4 persons.

Seminars. Shiva center spreading Sanatana Dharma or Parampara knowledge offers different sessions and lections dedicated to yoga and Vedic science.

The students o Shiva Center get the knowledge from all spheres of human action:  Raja Yoga, Jnani Yoga, Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Svara Yoga, Nada Yoga, Ayurveda (vedic science dealing with organization of human life according to natural laws of the Universe), Jyotisha Veda(vedic astrology), Vashtu Shastra, Stapatya Veda un Shilpa Shastra (vedic architecture and design science dealing with apartments shapes and their influence in human life), as well asSankhya Shastra (vedic numerology), Hasta Samudrika Shastra (vedic chiromancy), Mukha Samudrika Shastra (vedic physiognomy), Pada Samudrika Shastra (vedic science of human feet shape), Upayaand Pujatechniques (specific vedic procedures and rituals) etc.

You can ask Shiva almost any question which is really important and significant for you. You can get information about yourself, other person, any subject or event…

It is possible to arrange ayurveda massage courses. The subject and the time of seminar or lection is up to you.

Psychological trainings

The center of psychological and personal trainings help people get more successful and find their internal harmony. There are fourdirections:

  1. self-knowledge, self-research: orientation to individual’s harmonization, personal growth and developing
  2. communicative aimed to improve one’s  interpersonal relations quality
  3. business-trainings: basically organized for the enterprises and companies. Aimed to improve staffs operability and increase the sales level
  4. professional is suited for the practicing psychologists and therapists which want to complement the gained before knowledge and skills. The course provides you with deeper knowledge and skills. The subjects of seminars are chosen on listeners’ request  

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