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Relaxation and entertainment

For the guests of Riga we offer a plenty of great ideas of entertaining, which will help you to plan your holidays according to your interests. All the ideas listed below are realized through the year. The number of participants can be discussed.

Airplanes and helicopters flights

You have an incredible possibility to fly a helicopter of mini-plane and enjoy a bird’s-eve view of our beautiful and bright city! We also offer a leisure or business helicopter and mini-plane flights to any European country (more than 1000 airports) which are available during all the year. You choose the city and airport – we arrange the rest. Be aware that there are 5 available places in the plane and 4 – in the helicopter.

Party Bus

You would like to go to the night club or just kick around Riga with your company and have a dancing party. Then Party Bus is the ideal choice for you. It equipped with the newest professional acoustic devices. Besides dancing you can enjoy kalian smoking and karaoke singing. The bus will take you from the certain place and follow the route you’ll choose. If you need, there will be a barman, who will brighten up your trip with any cocktail you wish.

Salsa parties

Salsa is not only music or dancing; this is the life style, the large movement all around the world. That is why we advise to everyone who likes this style, come to one of Salsa-parties which weekly happen in Riga. You can observe how others are dancing, dance yourself or take part in the arranged mater class and learn the basic movements of Latin dances. Dancing lessons can be organized either for groups or for the individuals.

The beer Bar on wheels

Have a fun wbth your friends! Riga Beerbike — is the huge beer bar on wheels.  The main difference of the “Beerbike” is that all the “cyclers” are pedaling and the only one is wheeling. The wheelman can be also the barmen, who can offer you not only beer, but others alcohol and alcohol-free drinks. You will get a lot of fun together with the rare possibility to enjoy Riga beauties while being in the bar.

Captain’s harbor

If you wish to run away from the city rush and enjoy some unforgettable days, go to “Captain’s Harbor” located on the very s shore of the Baltic Sea only in 100 km from Riga.  The resort offers an array of activities from yacht or kayak trips to horse or pony riding.

Night canoe trip along the Daugava

This is the real adventure in the center of Riga: a very special and romantic night canoe trip for two along Riga channels and The Daugava. Enjoy the magic sights of Riga, Old City and the suburbs, listen to the night sounds, feel the connection with the nature and you’ll be inspired by the unique and unforgettable atmosphere of your night canoe trip.


Catch the moment! It’s time to try something new, for example curling. Learn the basic rules of this game and feel the excitement. “Curling Hall” arranges corporate teams competitions, parties and the groups for the beginners.

The Horror trace

If you like extreme test yourself in “Horror fun” complex, which is located in the former fabric’s buildings..
This is the play for groups till 10 persons. They will be thrilled and feared, but they will have to finish their trip along the horror trace: dark rooms, mazes, elevators which go down to the thrilling cellar, where vampires, zombies, mummies, maniacs and the ghosts are habiting. They jump upon you, move nearby or just lay or sit in the room where you are. It will be very thrilling!

Kalnciema quarter

Kalnciema Quarter is the ensemble of renovated wooden buildings, one of the most stylish places on the left bank of Daugava. It is famous with open air markets and folk musician performances. Fairs are usually connected with different events and holidays. You can buy traditional and unusual crafts, made of wood, glass and other materials as well as farm products such as freshly backed bred, cakes, courage cheese, cookies, meat, fish, vegetables and other. Feel the atmosphere of Latvia!

Livu aqua park

Aqua park Livu is the biggest sheltered water entertaining park in the Baltics and Eastern Europe. There is a great variety of attraction inside and open area for relaxation outside. Smaller children can have fun on “The Captain’s Kid Island ” - a special children’s town with exciting slopes, waterfalls and water cannons. For adults and older kids there are scary and calm water slides, the river, which is running through the aqua park, bringing you outside and swimming pool with the waves.  For adults looking for relaxation and fun without children, the park offers different baths, saunas, Jacuzzi, hot open-air pool, burble bathes, swim-up bar, solarium, massages, bistros and open-air summer terrace. Aqua park is waiting for its guests at any season of the year.

Wine cellar bars

There are several excellent Wine Cellar Bars in Riga. Here you'll find a great selection of fine wines from almost all World parts. These places usually are very cozy and romantic. You can spend time with your friends or arrange a very special date there. In most part of wine bars different sorts of cheese and other snacks can be ordered. So you’ll spend a very tasty time, believe us!

Vapor baths

Vapor baths is one of the favorite ways of leisure in Latvia. That’s why you can a big number of different vapor baths in Riga: from classic saunas till the most original baths.  For example, Steaming and bath complex “Kolotilovka” – is not only place for steaming. It is a real fairy town, coming up from classic Russian fairy tales.  There is a pond with pikes and carps, log quest house with fireplaces and wood sculptures.

Encounter play

This play also is called “City Play”. Join it and you will have to go through the maze of problems, riddles, exercises, which absolutely differ from everything you are used to do. You’ll have to puzzle over to find the solution. The result: you’ll have a great fun, survive a real adventure and develop your mind. Join the exciting Encounter play in Riga.


Horse riding

If you prefer activities and extreme tourism choose one of the exciting horse tour around Latvia. Experienced coaches who will accompany you during the hike will help you to learn or improve horse riding skills and feel the atmosphere of the real adventure. You will also enjoy the nature beauties riding through the most picturesque places of Latvia. The horses are good either for beginners or the experienced riders. You will enjoy you interaction with these amazing animals and get a huge amount of positive emotions. The horse trips are arranged through the year for individuals or groups (till 10 persons).


If you are a hunter and prefer this kind of activity, Latvia is the ideal place for you.  Latvia has a great deal of forest full with wildlife: beginning with the predators and big wild animals finishing with waterfowls. Accompanied by the professional hunter, you can choose the best way of hunting for you: individual, collective or chasing. You also can hunt from the height, just climb on the special hunting towers, or stay on the ground and hunt the birds. Your trophies after hunting in Latvia can be very impressive: boar tusks, deer’s and elk’s antlers, pelts of lynxes, foxes, beavers. Hunting in Latvia is possible all over the year, it is regulated by the season card.


Theatres, cinemas, museums, business-exhibitions, art galleries, attraction, hunting, dog sledding, fishing, golf, bowling, carting, bobsleigh, paragliding, shooting, bungee jumping , catapulting, paintball, horse riding, zoo, SPA, tattoo-salons.

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