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Medical services

People are coming to the Baltic States not only for having an unforgettable rest, but also for getting qualified medical help. 

We can offer bespoke health, fitness and nutrition services to ensure that you have everything you need to achieve optimum health and well-being. We can assist you with the most qualified practitioners and hospitals, resorts and clinics with modern equipment. According to your request we can organize your private appointment with a dentist, ophthalmologist, gynecologist, orthopedist, neurologist, cardiologist, phlebologist, providing you with the best professionals and support available as well as arranging logistical details. We'll be glad to help saving your time and money.

Dental services (Perle)

The practitioners of the clinics are professionals which provide all the kind of dental treatment. The clinic's equipment matches with the highest European quality standards. The professionals of the clinics are using the newest technologies in all kinds of offered services. .

The clinics offers a great variety of services:

  • prosthetics (using all the kinds of teeth prosthodontics)
  • teeth whitening and professional month hygiene
  • teeth implanting
  • dental medicine, including caries treatment and teeth extraction Anesthesia
  • smile design and oral surgery
  • other dental services

Eye care services (Eye Center)

The first clinics in all Baltic States which started the era laser vision correction! Dr. Solomatin's Eye Care Center was a Baltic "pioneer" in making operations based on individually developed programs (aberrometry measures, topography-guided surgery, tissue saving LASIK)

Beyond eye surgery Center offers all kinds of diagnostics and medical help for the patients with vision disorders.

  • diagnostics
  • refractive Surgery
  • glaucoma treatment
  • cataract Surgery (micro-phaco method, wide choice of intraocular lens)
  • early diagnostics and treatment of keracotonus
  • examination and treatment of retinal disorders
  • vitreal Surgery
  • child’s vision disorders

Orthopedic services

ORTO clinics is the center of orthopedics, sportive traumatology and spinal surgery. This is the certificated either ambulatory or stationary clinics, which work to take care about the most important thing – your health and joy of movement.

  • traumatology and orthopedy 
    traumas and bone/ diseases; joint looses and aftermaths (results); endoscopic bone and joint surgery; joint endoprosthesis
  • sportive traumatology 
    joint endoscopic surgery; joint stabilizing operations
  • spinal surgery 
    the treatment of spinal traumas and diseases
  • physiotherapy

Gynecologists services (Lags Center)

Clinics specialists provides full-service gynecological care, which includes:

  • expert care and examination for gynecologic and oncologic diseases prophylaxis
  • infertility treatment
  • menopause: full care
  • pregnancy: medical regarding
  • menstrual cycle dysfunction and disorders. Diagnostics and treatment
  • ultrasonography: research
  • minimally Invasive surgery in the “day center
  • the treatment of gynecologic disorders in the day center
  • the Research and treatment of mammary glands

Flebologist services (Dr. U. Maurinsh Flebology center)

One of most modern and well-equipped medical center, which aims to provide the best consultations and possible treatment for venous disease. "Dr.Maurinsh Flebology Center" offers you to visit Riga to examine your legs' veins under the guidance of the experienced and qualified specialists and using innovative medical equipment and devices.

The Center offers the most advanced treatment methods and high level service for the prices which are much lower than in Europe and USA.

"Dr. Maurinsh Flebology center" clients can get all kinds of possible treatment and examinations, such as:

  • an appointment to flebologist plus duplex ultrasound
  • clarivein sclerotherapy
  • endovenous Laser Ablation
  • the treatment of trophic ulcers
  • compression therapy
  • compression tights, help, exact choice, using instructions

Cardiology services (V4 Diagnostis Center)

The Center of Diagnostics V4 offers you to visit the department of Heart and Head Brain vessels health.

The Cardiology Services team is dedicated to the cardiovascular health of men and women. We offer a full range of adult heart and brain blood vessels diagnostic services on the modern medical equipment and devices . Basing on the results of the research we prepare the list of recommendations in treatment and prophylactics.

Treatment in sanatoriums


National Rehabilitation Center - the ideal place for effective surgery, orthopedic, neurological (also for children) and gerontological rehabilitation.

"Vaivari" located in Jurmala, quite close to capital of Latvia – Riga. Beautiful nature, soft sea climate - Center is situated in one of the most lovely place of Jurmala, in 100 meters from the coast of the sea... All these factors will affect your rehabilitation in the best way.


Sanatorium – Rehabilitation Center "Ligatne" is located on the territory of National Nature Park "Gauya" – in one of the most beautiful place of Latvia. It is surrounded by the pine-trees forests and situated near the banks of the river Gauya. Sanatorium team is ready to help you with the certain diseases: nerve system disorders, heart and blood systems diseases, lungs and musculoskeletal disorders, wrong metabolism, overweight problems, stress and overwork aftermaths.


The resort – rehabilitation center Jaunkemeri is located in Jurmala, in the unique and healing resort conditions: the Riga Gulf, the sand golden beach, the pinewood, pure, richly ionized air, sulfurated, bromide and sodium chloride mineral water, therapeutic mud, which effects very positively your health conditions, helping to get rid of anxiety and strengthen nerve system.

"Jaunkemeri" specializes on different organs and systems disorders curing. RRC "Jaunkemeri" practices mostly on treatment with mineral waters and therapeutic mud. The most popular are sulfurated water baths and applications with the peat and supropel mud.

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